CalOffroad Customer Rides - NISSAN NAVARA D40 - Igor

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5 Inch CalOffroad Suspension Lift
2 Inch CalOffroad Body Lift

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Hi Cal,
The truck is great!
I attach a before and a couple of after pictures. everything worked out nicely.
Can I really go up another 2" and how much is that?
Mate, everyone has commented about how cool the truck looks.
Nissan dealership where I bought the car stopped work and came out to look at it when it came in for first service.
Lift, wheels and tyres really made the truck look tough.
It drives beautifully as well. Doesn't feel like it's sitting on big rubber.
I had it chipped to get the power up a little (Navaras are really sluggish in low rpm from factory), but it's wonderful now.
Going to look out for a cool bulbar now.
Best wishes and kind regards, Igor