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World's Toughest CV's and Axles by CalOffroad

Tough Truck 2013 Thorpe Motorsport Jeep Tuff Truck 2013 Thorpe Motorsport Jeep Tuff Truck 2013 Thorpe Motorsport Jeep

Thorpe Motorsport Feedback on CVs & Axles

"Hey Cal,
Just thought I'd provide you with a bit of positive feedback on your product.

The Thorpe Motorsport Jeep is a TJ on 43" Sticky TSLs, Ecotec V6 and Atlas.

Approx 12 months ago, we purchased a set of GU axles and CVs going into TT.
We had a couple of test drives in the leading weeks to the event, pulled them out and inspected with no signs of damage/twist.
Ran TT13 and gave the old girl a pretty hard time to secure a 3rd place finish.
Might I add, during the event, we smashed a rear axle, and relied on the front to pull us to the finish gate, so we were expecting some signs of fatigue.
Once again inspected the axles, and no damage.
Since TT, we have won the only round of Tough Tracks we entered, and as you may or may not be aware, the tracks are tight so we had to dig everywhere.
We have also done a solid year of social driving on Queenslands toughest terrain.

After a year of abuse, we stripped the front again in TT14 prep.
To our surprise, the axles are still straight, and the CV's are showing no signs of wear.
This is a credit to you and your product, as we have not been easy on the drivetrain.


Brett & Mitch
Thorpe Motorsport

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