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Prado Kakadu CalOffroad 2" to 3" lift - Dick Cepecks MTZs

Dick Cepeks/MTZs on Kakadu
Thought you might like to see the final result. Thanks to all for every bit of assistance because they fit perfectly and don't rub or touch anywhere.


After spending a small fortune at ARB kitting-out our new Kakadu, I was reluctant to dig in to the pockets again after only 40,000klms, to replace a top-of-the-range airbag suspension system that I had already well and truly paid for.

How unbelievably wrong I was!

After endless online research and discussions with many suppliers, including Toyota engineers, I finally contacted Cal Goodman at Caloffroad.

His eagerness and ability to resolve my suspension issues was outstanding, going as far as ensuring we were well catered for while the work was being done and even organising a front-end alignment for us on our way back home.

Using quality Bilstein products, the cars behaviour was instantly transformed, going from ducking and weaving, bouncing in the front, thumping from the rear bump stops and diving under braking, to a sensationally comfortable, stable and supremely confident vehicle to drive.

In addition to this, the two inch lift that we all search for in a Prado, and an incredible gain in wheel articulation were welcomed with open arms.

So how did I test it? Full tilt over Threadbo through snow and ice and 3 hrs of winding roads, followed by a very muddy excursion into Stanley State Forest. Completely different car to drive, accurate and extremely confident.

I would highly recommend Caloffroad to anyone looking to tame any suspension issues and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Mick O'Brien

"Got some more pics for you.

"Long Tom" is a damn site longer and a shitload steeper than it looks.
"Infinity" as you can see is really steep and very rocky, and theres a few more that make these look really mild and would probably suit your crawler.
There are hundreds of these steep rough rocky little tracks through here so come over for a look one day.
Mick O'Brien
Yackandandah Holiday Park

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