TOYOTA Hilux 2009 TRD Neil and Kelly

CalOffroad Customer Rides - Neil and Kellie

2009 TRD Toyota Hilux, CalOffroad Suspension, 33x12.5x20 Kumho tyres, Dolce dc 20inch black rims

Hello Guy's,
I spoke to one of the boys about two weeks ago regarding some gear for my 09 TRD hilux.
I purchased your 4" lift kit through Superior Engineering on the sunshine coast
The lift kit is great, truck looks awesome, it has come up about 6" in height from where it was standard as i have also put on Dolce dc-20" blacks with Kumho 33 x 12.5 tyres.
I have put in a high flow filter and a 2.5" straight through exhaust system with high flow cats after the oxygen sensor's (that's the trick to stop the engine emission system faults I found out) the truck should now have about 240kw and about 480Nm of torque and the sad little boy in the V8 commodore ute that i dusted will attest to that (sorry i couldn't stop laughing that day, dusted by a forby).

Any way i have included some photos hope you like them (meet my wife Kellie this will be her car later, she wanted the lift kit to run over all the other soccer mums)
Hope to hear from you soon
Neil and Kellie